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Hello 2012! You have been a very fine year these 12 days and I so appreciate your bing bang bam ending to 2011, I needed that.

So, yesterday was the first day in about forever that it was a little slow for me. Crazy. I finished up a few outstanding shop orders, completed a Journal for a friend and also my very own Gratitude Journal, which I'm going to share today. Now, as you look at my Journal, it's a mish mash of all the leftover bits and pieces from the first Journals I made for the shop and the second version of Journals I made for the shop and then, of course, I added in a few "just for me" pages.

My 2012 Gratitude Journal with pink o-wire binding...adore my Bind-It-All and use it all. the.time. One of my most used crafty tools.

2012 Gratitude Journal |

Managed to sneak in my one little word, too. Each day when I open my Journal, I'll have this little reminder to just be...

2012 Gratitude Journal |

Isn't that a cute photo with all those colors and patterns and bits and pieces of patterned paper, found paper and ephemera all bound into a "good thoughts" book!

2012 Gratitude Journal |

Week 1:52, Days 1-7
I used some colored pencils to add a bit of color to my kraft page. Why not make it fun and bright if I can.

2012 Gratitude Journal |

Nothing drastically thought provoking or earth-shattering in my gratitudes to date, but all are daily reminders of how extraordinary an ordinary day can be.

Week 2:52, Days 8-11

2012 Gratitude Journal |

If you weren't able to purchase a Gratitude Journal, I do have a few little mini books {will be adding more soon} that you could use for this purpose by adding in few of your own papers and doo dads. And, in case you missed it, here's what the girls are using for their daily grateful thoughts and you could do the same thing as well.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Edited to Add  |  The 2014 Gratitude Gratitude Journal is in the shop and ready to ship!

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  1. Love all of the fun colors on this! :)

  2. Love your handwriting --- what type and weight of pen do you use? I just got some new pens and the point is finer that this and I do not like it --- always looking for a good pen! :)

    1. Heather...I'm using a Sharpie pen, here's a link to the one I used for today's post:

      I also use:
      a Pentel EnerGel .5mm Liquid Gel Ink pen for super fine printing
      the Pigma Micron .08 for thicker writing
      a Pilot G-2 for a thicker line, but not so great on slick might smear
      all in black.

      But, for colored ink markers I use the Zig Writers.

    2. Thanks for the tips -- I will check out the Sharpies -- have not used the writers before -- I like the Microns and the Zig Writers too.

  3. what do you use to make you "monthly" tabs?

    1. I use a hand held punch purchased through Stampin' Up to make the monthly tabs.

  4. Such a greaat idea, I want to make one!

    xo Shane

  5. you're so good with those mini books! i'm so jealous!

    happy weekend!



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