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It's a good thing when your little sisters like your girlfriend {almost} as much as they love you!

Fighting over who sits next to who. Waking up at 4am because you're so excited and then going to  wake up your big brother, too. Helping to make breakfast and making a big mess. Lots of tickle time, tent-making, Scooby Doo watching and tons of silliness. Worrying about whether he'll still be here when they wake up in the morning. 

Already missing him. 
Grateful for the time AND the visit.


  1. Having a big brother has to be awesome.
    I always wanted one. =)

  2. Oh so sweet! I'm so glad he and his girlfriend were able to come home! I know the visit was way too short, but like you said grateful for the time he was here! :)

  3. Really sweet, glad you had the time together!

  4. SO happy for you all that he was able to come home!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. I really don't think there can be a lovelier and better picture to depict family love. My eyes are tearing up and my heart warms and expands just by looking at it.

  6. I can sense just how happy you are to have him home! Enjoy every minute!!

  7. Monika,

    I'm so happy you had these beautiful moments together ;-)


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