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Vintage clocks to ring in the new year. The pocket watch belong to my Opa and his Father before that. With each new year, we are afforded a fresh start, hope and new beginnings. I begin 2012 with a new frame of mind and a rekindled spark. Life is Great!

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I am honored to be continuing on this journey of discovery with Lisa. As a matter of fact, one my 2012 resolutions is to push myself out of auto mode and into manual. Which mode to you shoot most of your photos in? Oh, and don't forget to add your captures to the Flickr group, we're up to 148 members already!


  1. As you know, I took a couple of classes last year, so now most of my photos are in manual mode, and I LOVE it!! I think it really makes a difference, though in low light situations I still revert to auto. need to work on that more this year. :)

  2. I took a class this last year & online the year before. More & more I work in manual, only reverting to "no flash/auto" when absolutely necessary (or when I'm lazy).
    Now that I have Photoshop Elements I'll be able to do even more with my shots!
    Hey - do you have a link for the new 2012 linky to Flickr? I've still got the 2011 linky on my blog....
    Lookin forward to another fun year!

  3. Sounds like great choices of direction for the new year. MNay you be prosperous in all your endeavours.

  4. Hi. I'd like to join! I already joined your Flickr group. But I don't know the rules. Do I add a picture a week to the Flickr group? New follower!

  5. Next week's theme:
    Is it close as in relationship or close as in close the door???? I'm new at this so please excuse my making this complictated...LOL:O)


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