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A blog button? Odd, right? But, not really and here's why. It's all because of this little blog that I've had the opportunity to make some friends that I would never have met if it were not for the world wide web. Some people I know by name, but have no idea what they look like while others have a photo attached to their profiles. There are those that I have e-mail conversations with and those that I owe long, overdue e-mails to. Some friends don't even live in the same country I live in. Or speak the same language. Luckily, I've met one of my virtual friends in real life and perhaps will have the chance to again this Summer and sneak in a visit to CHA while I'm there. 

It's all of you that make up a community that touches my heart by your kind comments and continued visits and make me smile and warm my heart. And to think we might never have met if not for the interwebs. Now, let's finish our coffee, shall we?

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the wrap-up

I'm so looking forward to some warmer weather when the capture of our weekly themes outdoors is a little more pleasant. Not complaining, just reiterating that I do find Spring and Fall to be the most glorious of seasons. And can I just say...how will it already be February next Thursday?


  1. Uh Monika?? February is next Wednesday......just sayin! :)

    Love your definition on community - it's so very true!

  2. Uh Patty...I know! So if next Wednesday is February, then next Thursday is February too, right? Just saying.


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