The Best Parts of Spring

I love Spring. I'm always itching to get outdoors and start playing in the dirt, which is one of the best parts of Spring. I'm one of those crazy gals that likes to walk around the yard to see if any new plants and flowers have peeked through or are beginning to bud. At this moment, I am hoping the rain holds off so I can get outside and begin spreading the mulch in the spots where I've already weeded.


And no, I don't like anyone to do it for me. Gordon tells me every year that we could hire someone to deliver, haul and spread the mulch, but I won't let him. I don't trust anyone else. Crazy, right?

Day 18 | Things That Make My Life Easier
Today's list came together rather quickly! This journal page was pre-embellished with the sticky note, I just moved it down a bit to make room for my list prompt, so all I had to do was journal.

#30lsts #30 Days of Lists #mini book #spring #smashbook #mini album #listing journal

UPDATE:  I have actually moved from using just readers to wearing real glasses. And progressives at that. So far, so good. The headaches are gone, I'm not as swimmy-headed as I was and I'm soooo happy that the optician suggested getting a second pair of glasses just for computer and reading, the available space makes it easier on me, that's for sure.

Day 19 | At The End of The Day, All I Want Is...
Now that spring is here, I’ll admit that the urge to hop into my comfy clothes isn’t nearly as urgent as it is during the cold, dreary days of winter.  And I do love a sweet treat, especially with a cup of coffee. Or a huge glass of milk.

#30lsts #30 Days of Lists #mini book #spring #smashbook #mini album #listing journal
#30lsts #30 Days of Lists #mini book #spring #smashbook #mini album #listing journal

As much as I’m a fan of embellishments and techniques and textures, I’m an even bigger fan of using my own handwriting. Because my cardstock was already heavily patterned with a variety of colors, I just picked up my pen and journaled.

Day 20 | The Best Parts of Spring
I cannot tell a lie, after the long, dreary days of Winter bright sunshine-y days "make my day."

#30lsts #30 Days of Lists #mini book #spring #smashbook #mini album #listing journal

I used this tag and the attached string, and tied on a yellow flower for my list prompt on the left side of the page.  To mark the date on the right side, I used the journaling spot available in the embellishment kit.

#30lsts #30 Days of Lists #mini book #spring #smashbook #mini album #listing journal
#30lsts #30 Days of Lists #mini book #spring #smashbook #mini album #listing journal

I don’t ever pre-plan what my lists will say, I just begin writing and hope it all fits in the space I’ve allowed myself. Believe it or not, most of the time it happens to work out in my favor!

What is your go-to style of journaling?
By the seat of your pants, stream-of-consciousness?
Or plan, plan, plan and write it out before hand making sure it makes sense and will fit on the page?

Edited to Add | September 2018 #30lists Registration is now open here: REGISTER NOW
If you have the time and the inclination to browse my lists for inspiration, ideas and more about me than you'd ever want to know, you can find my entire collection of lists for the past fifteen challenges here.

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