Every Time I Go To...

There's something about the surprise of opening a journal and turning each page waiting for the surprise of what the next page may be. Okay, call me weird, but I love that. I love pretty paper, patterned paper, the feel, smell and texture of vintage book pages. I love it all.

Over the years, I have made a huge number of mixed paper journals for myself...and for tons of customers, too! Every time I go to my craft room, I can't help myself.

Day 15 | Things I Learned Recently
It's private. And it might even get me in trouble if I shared, so I journaled my list and used a mini glassine bag and a shipping tag to make it interactive and to hide it from the person who doesn't need to see it. All you have to do is slip the shipping tag out of the glassine bag, flip it over and read my list.

#30lists #listmaker #journaling prompts #smashbook #mixed paper journal #junk journal
#30lists #listmaker #journaling prompts #smashbook #mixed paper journal #junk journal

That cute little crochet heart comes in tons of fun colors, find them in the shop along with other fun embellishments + kit collections.

Day 16 | Every Time I Go To                  , I Buy...
When prepping for my journaling, nothing popped out in mind saying, “Yes, this is the answer!” So what does a Mama do but ask her kidlets, right? So, that’s what I did. I was stumped, nothing screamed at me as "THE" answer, so I asked my girls in our group text chat, that if they were me, how they would answer this question.

#30lists #listmaker #journaling prompts #smashbook #mixed paper journal #junk journal

I printed out the text chat and attached a photo of the response from Isabella to the shipping tag on my page and used her answer as my own because, #truth!

Day 17 | My Freezer Essentials
...specifically Kerry Gold butter, what a treat! But, Gordon and the kids would definitely say ice cream was the most important essential in any freezer.

#30lists #listmaker #journaling prompts #smashbook #mixed paper journal #junk journal

Have you entered the giveaway here?

Edited to Add | September 2018 #30lists Registration is now open here: REGISTER NOW
See more of my lists, and more about me than you'd ever want to know, here where you can find my entire collection of lists for the past fifteen challenges.

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