I Can't Stop Talking About

List 14 | I Can't Stop Talking About
I changed up the prompt to "Eating" - at Halloween, I cannot control myself, I just want to eat all the snack pack size bags of Sour Patch Kids! Well, all except for the yellow and green, kind of thankful that Victoria likes those flavors.

The paper I used for my list also makes an appearance in a Days of the Week travelers notebook set {seen below} available in 3 sizes.

List 15 | Today's Play ListIsabella is our in-home playlist. She sings every moment she can. She wasn’t able to take Choir this year {sad moment for us all} because it conflicted with her Honors classes. Bonus, she has to learn the French national anthem {for French class} so we’ve all been “learning” the French national anthem.  

The paper selection was totally random, but don’t you just love when things like that happen? 

List 16 | Tasks I'm Putting Off

This getting older thing makes you stop and think, mostly about things I don't want to think about. But, I'm grateful to have another day and I'm not going to complain about what has to be done. Edited: Well, I did it...my colonoscopy results were great, see ya in 10 years, Doc!

List 17 | Important Women In My Life
I hope I'm not the only one, but there are women who have touched my life in ways I still remember, but I don't remember their names. Maybe it's because we moved so often as a military family, or that I'm getting older. But, I do remember them and that they had an impact on my life.

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