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30 days of lists | days 17 - 25

4.02.2015  at 8:00 AM

I didn't take my journal with me on our Charleston Spring Break. I thought that we would be busy and I knew they'd be waiting on me when I got back. And they were. There's nothing wrong with that, no one said they had to be completed on 30 consecutive days or that I couldn't play catch up. 

Here's to making up my own rules because that's what works for me!

Day 17 | High Points of My Autobiography

Day 18 | Things I Need to Practice

Day 19 | Favorite Music From High School

Day 20 | Big Expenses That Are Coming Up

Day 21 | My Done List For the Week

Day 22 | A Few Things I Need to Shake Off

Day 23 | Current Reads

Day 24 | Fortunes I'd Like to Find In A Fortune Cookie

Day 25 | House Rules

If you like lists, join me in the March 30 Days of Lists class. I'm a sponsor and would just love to have you listing along with us. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, or just post your lists on Facebook or Instagram. There are no rules, just fun!

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Read more of my 30 Days of Lists postsincluding past classes I've taken.

DISCLAIMER | I am an affiliate, as well as a sponsor, of the 30 Days of Lists class and will earn a small affiliate fee if you use any of my links to purchase the class. As you can see by the number of times I've taken classes, I believe in this adventure and think you will enjoy it, too.

Thanks for stopping in!

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