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It won't be long before we're all dreaming about summer vacations so why not take a few moments today to put together a few travel journal jotters. It's a quick and easy project that you'll be glad to have with you on your next adventure!

When we travel, my family knows that I'm going to collect bits and baubles and shells and sand and tickets and menu's and, and, and. But, sometimes in all the collecting I forget the details. And where we went on each day, because it seems that there's not as much down time as I think there's going to be on a less time scrap than to get everything ready for the next day.

For our all girl Spring Break adventure to Charleston to visit Zach, I grabbed a scrap of one of my favorite papers, some bond paper from my printer and pulled out my sewing machine. That's right, we're going to sew together a travel journal jotter.

This isn't meant to replace the mini book I'm going to make, only to serve as a place to jot notes as you go along each day.

Take the time to embellish your pages with some sticky notes, labels, journaling cards and rub-ons, they make such charming additions to your jotter. And who knows, you may even add your jotter as an insert into your mini album once you get home and have the time to print photos and document your travels.

Be sure to include the restaurants you ate at, in case you want to go back again. And again.

What travel adventures will you soon be documenting?

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