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The other day we were cleaning out the drawers of the girls' cabinet in our family room. It has games, crayons, markers, paper, blocks, animals...you get the idea. I ran across papers of drawings from just days ago as well as art they had drawn years ago. It was a handprint traced by me of Victoria's hand that made me think that I wish I had done for handprints. So, this morning after breakfast, we traced our hands all onto one sheet of paper. The hands of me and my girls.

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Lisa has a round-up of photos that caught her eye in the 52Photos Flickr group you'll want to peek at. And like she said,

           " again the thing that strikes me is that we all see the world 
                                      so differently which is so cool  "


  1. hey there! i just wanted to say HI, because I've been stalking your blog, and Pinterest boards like crazy lately. . . I just keep coming across fabulous things, that end up coming from YOU! you are delightful and i love everything you create! :) Just wanted to tell you so! (It's nice to know when someone is stalking you. . ..right?) Giggle giggle!

  2. This is perfect... looks like it should be framed!


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