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With the arrival of Scout, or new Border Collie pupster, the girls have been getting up earlier in the morning to head downstairs to be the first to let him outdoors in the morning. After school, they rush to be the first one in the door to get downstairs to see their Scout boy. On this early evening, I heard whispers of "Mommy, come here and look at this." When I rounded the corner, this is the scene I found...two little girls snuggled up close and cuddling with their new love.

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I'm off to the 52Photos Flickr group to upload a few weeks' worth of photos.


  1. Beautiful snap!! Looks like everyone is played out! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. LOVE IT! I'm borderline obsessed with border collies ever since we took in ours 3 years ago. I imagine that's what he would have looked like as a puppy!

    1. We also have an older Border Collie named Duke. They seem to be getting along pretty well, but Duke can't, or doesn't want to, keep up with Scout all that much. They're great dogs and he's an awesome Pup!


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