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Having failed miserably at not fully living and implementing my One Little Word for 2011 {joy} I stand here before you, well actually I'm sitting, and tell you that the year of 2012 will be a year that I let life BE as it is. 

Yes, let it be. I am old enough now to have realized that there are things I cannot change. People who are who they are because that's who they are. Things that I should let it go. Relax. Live in the moment. And just BE.

You might have read in yesterday's post about a few of my blog posting plans for 2012. One Little Word will be a monthly feature on the 2nd Monday. I'll be using my OLW class from Ali Edwards over at Big Picture Classes {she's also doing a 2012 class and there's a giveaway open until December 29th for 2 seats in the class} and following along with all the prompts and exercises I missed in 2011 due to one thing or another. 

I have my new OLW art print all ready, but had to clip it to this little photo prop because the super cute frame I purchased and spray painted a fun aqua blue cannot be found. I'm sure once I finally put away all of the Christmas decor, I'll find it somewhere. When I do, I'll be sure to share. But, until then...

As a small little reminder, I'll be wearing the green BE necklace and the turquoise BE is for Andrea. She was my very first Etsy customer, by the way. She's going to venture along with her OLW, which also happens to be...BE and blog about her progress and projects living with her word. She loves turquoise, so I'll send the charm along to her to slip on a chain and wear as her own little reminder.

If you're playing along with Ali's One Little Word this year, visit with me every 2nd Monday {to keep me accountable} and leave a link to your blog post so that I can stop by for a visit with you and see how you're doing living your own OLW.

BONUS: This year, I had a little help painting my letters before I added the patterned paper!

Lucky me!


  1. Best of luck with your OLW this year Monika - I'm sure you will get it done!
    Love your little crafty helpers - So cute!

  2. hello friend!! my post is up.. and i am ready! i looove my little charm - what a happy surprise for me :)) i think we'll have some fun with OLW this year!

  3. Sounds like you have a plan, I have no doubt you'll be AWESOME in your "be"ness :) Love seeing the girls help out. Look forward to seeing you in class!

  4. Be was one of the words that I considered for 2012, its a great word Monika! I'm also re-doing the class, since I only got as far as the first photo last year, ooops! My word for next year is embrace.

  5. I love your word for the year and most of all, I love how organised you are in getting all the things ready to inspire you :)

    Mine is going to be create - but it's not as straightforward as you might think :)

  6. Love your word! BE is on the top of my list, though I'm still bouncing it around with a few other words. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I look forward to seeing how each and every one of you lives with your word this year {and me, too!}. Thanks @Val, my little helpers love to "help." Wonder how your word create will unfold @Marcia and @Kimberly, jump on the Be bandwagon, there's always room for more. @Scrappy Sue, you got farther than I did, so kudos to you....but this year, we WILL be successful, together! @Lee, I'm using my old class materials, but perhaps we'll still see each other in class if I'm able to post to the BPC galleries as an alum. And, @Andrea, howdy buddy---your BE charm will be in the mail to you tomorrow! For all you OLW participants...e-mail me your word and address and I'll send a necklace charm to you as well with your OLW and choice of color - as long as my supplies last.

  8. I love BE!!!! it can mean so much!! Be kind, Be happy, Be funny! Great word! That hoop with the banners in your first pic is totally fabulous!! =)

  9. I just started hearing about this today- I think it's a great idea! I like the word you chose as well- very open and fitting.

  10. I LOVE your stuff! The colors!!! In your shop you have this giant felt flower hanging on the wall... do you sell that or have a tutorial for it?


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