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my 52Photos capture :: anticipation

"Look Mommy, I look like a reindeer!" Yes, those are Isabella's feet standing in for reindeer antlers and yes, that is sock fuzz you see between those precious cheesy toes! Youngsters really do put a fresh perspective on most anything and everything and especially holidays. Gotta say, though, that the biggest kid in our house {aka Mr. wRight} can be kinda silly, too. What you can't see in this photo is that Victoria is sitting in a wicker trash basket and had a tough time getting out of it. Oh, and she's missing two of her bottom teeth...the Tooth Fairy has been very busy around here since August.

my 52Photos capture :: perspective

Lesson Learned: Going through the day wondering what it is that I will be most grateful for in that particular day has leant itself wonderful perspective to my life. When I have forgotten to record my thoughts, I can see a difference on how I approached the day. And now, others are liking the idea and have asked that I make them Gratitude Journals as well, and I'm grateful for that!

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I hear from Lisa that she has a wrap-up post planned, so I'll be sure to link you up to that soon. We also have a new blog button designed and ready for you to post in your blog sidebars, if you so wish. See ya next week!



  1. What an adorable picture, from the little "antlers" to that sweet toothy smile!! YAY! Sounds like there will be a 52 photos in 2012. Can't wait to link up!

  2. How fun is this???? This is definitely one to scrap or frame or something special!!!
    Merry Christmoose!

  3. I was just corresponding with my niece about how the little ones and such joy and wonder to the holiday season. Your picture of Isabella certainly shows that.
    I also wanted to thank you again for your idea of the gratitude journal. I am finishing my 2011 entries and am prepping my 2012 journal. This colorful minibook brings me happiness even on bleak days. Thank you, Monika (FYI, there are 366 days in 2012. It's a leap year.)

  4. @Nancy Jane...Yes, I agree, looking back on my past Journal entries makes me so aware of little things that I might have forgotten if I had not written them down, which is a gift in itself. I know that it's a leap year, but people tend to think of a year as 365 days, so I stuck with that...there will plenty of room for everyone to write their gratitudes I'm sure. I'm glad to know that you'll be continuing your tradition!


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