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Our first real tree in seven years and we're all thrilled about it! Isabella sat down next to me on the couch last night while we were decorating the tree, hugged me, and said that our tree looked like a real family Christmas tree. I hugged her back and chuckled to myself. It is a real family Christmas tree...the girls decorated, putting ornaments where they thought was the best place for them and we left the tree real {au naturel} without garland or ribbon. Just the tree, lights and ornaments. To see the joy in her eyes and the squeeze of her two little arms around me is a memory. A good one. And there you have it, two girls who believe Santa Claus is real. Make that three.

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Entering week 49 of our 52 week journey!


  1. Just beautiful!!! :) And, make that four! ;)

  2. love it! cute girls & cute tree :)

  3. I'm sure your heart was warm after a comment like that. Have a blessed Christmas season!!

  4. awwwwww...Monika, you get me all misty.....
    Beautiful Girls, beautilly written..
    I have been thinking about you quite a bit, I hope you can all be reunited for Xmas.



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