to be a dad

On what was probably Gordon's second Father's Day, Zach gifted him with a pillow that had this saying.

And you all know how incredibly special I think Gordon is. And, usually, Zach thinks Dad is pretty awesome, too. 

Well, guess what. It appears that Zach won't be home for Father's Day this year. Zach was originally to have left for Navy Boot Camp in September. His date has been moved earlier. Quite a bit earlier. next Tuesday. In 6 days. Wait, let me compose myself before I start tearing up again.

In true Mom fashion, I've already been to town to purchase some storage bins so that Zach can begin organizing and purging his room. Bags for garbage, boxes for donations and bins for things he can't bear to part with. I don't even want to think about the cry fest that will occur when Isabella and Victoria find out that Zachi is leaving. Please think happy thoughts for us. Thanks.

So, if you think the Dad's in your life are special, I have this print available in the shop here. The print is actually the color you see below, not the slightly blue-ish color in my photograph above. I'm not a professional photographer, that we know!

When purchasing, mention the coupon code ZACH2011 and you'll receive 15% off!


  1. see, i knew you needed a hug ♥

  2. Awww! I can't even imagine! His sisters are sure gonna miss him! HUGS! Lisa

  3. Oh, wow! That is a QUICK adjustment. Like ripping off a bandaid I guess...

    Hope the departure goes smoothly. I'd bawl too! hugs!

  4. i am so thinking happy thoughts for you... my mom heart knows exactly how you feel. My oldest got his drivers license this week so some apron strings are being cut here. I don't want to think about the day he will leave but i feel that day coming. Fun to see them grow up... not so fun to have them go off! have a good rest of the week and enjoy your time with Zach! :)


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