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I used this DIY mini album kit to begin documenting favorite things about our home. I made several for the shop, and as is usually the case, I wanted one for myself to play with, too. Being the shop owner has its advantages. 

Our home has changed over the 13 years we've lived in it and grown with it and renovated and renovated and renovated it again. I wish I had been better at taking more BEFORE photos which led me to think that I should document how it is NOW, at this moment {before it changes again}.

I began by adding our street address number to the felt page, which I am using for my cover, and added a foam letter W from the Dollar Tree to the inside front cover. The AC Thickers on the front are raw chipboard and I just outlined the numbers with a blue Sharpie.

Inside the glassine envelope {included in the kit} I placed a photo of our home and added the red cardstock banner strip as a pull tab. The cloud die cut was just for cuteness! This photo is several years old and has our old landscaping. I plan to take an updated photo this week and add it to another page. The back of the glassine envelope has a Momenta die cut tree sticker. I will probably add the new photo of our home to the back of this photo and place it back inside the envelope...we'll see.

Using one of several sheets of this grade school manuscript paper {included in the DIY kit}, I wrote an introduction to the mini. The cream letter stickers and the red letter sticker are both from Jenni Bowlin Studio.

Aaaah, subway art. Many of you might recognize this as one of the freebies I include with your order {and it is included in this mini album kit}. It's also available here with TOGETHER as the last line {instead of I LOVE IT ALL}. I added a Scenic Route sticker and a heart shape that's been elevated with a pop dot.

This map page, of which you receive 2 of in your kit, is not of our town, or even our state. I used a label sticker, added the name of our town with more Jenni Bowlin Studio stickers and used my old standby, a black Ultra Fine Point Sharpie to write our state. I like it!

Several vintage dictionary pages are included with the kit, and also in this collection, and this one just happened to have the word frontier on it. It made me laugh because this city girl DID think she was moving to the frontier when we began renovating this house...it's in the mountains, in a small town {close to several larger cities} and our only neighbors are my in-laws up our very long driveway. Anyway, seemed fitting to document that.

Vintage children's book page with a castle on a hill {even though we live in a 'holler} makes me think of our lovely home and how it is our castle, our refuge.

Isabella wanted to practice sewing, so one day we cut some shapes out of felt and she sewed them to together to make a house. I decided to add it to this HOME mini, otherwise it might just get lost in the art project shuffle never to be found again.

This calendar page {included} seemed a perfect spot to write a few words about all the jobs there are to be done when you're a homeowner.

Behind this vellum page where I've used more Dollar Tree stickers, I will add photos of our flowering plants.

On the kraft paper, I used my date stamp to include Victoria's birthdate and the He Said, She Said speech bubble punch. I didn't think I would use it all that often, but I DO!

A quick documentation of how Zach's basement bachelor pad came to be.

Edited to Add: Guess I'll need to include a photo of Zach's room in transition. Sigh.

And that's it for now. I have my list of photos to take to fill up and fill out this mini and when I have them edited, I'll update this mini and share the results. If you'd like your own DIY to document something fun and special in your life, you can get it here.

I've added some new items to the shop:

this 40+ item kits is used in today's post


  1. Monika!! I love this idea and what you've done with this album! It makes me what to dig through my old scrapbooks and make an album of each of the four houses we've lived in! I could do an entire album just on what we did to our Texas home--the before and after shots (miles of burgundy and forest green flowered wallpaper that needed to be taken down)would fill pages! Once again, you've inspired me, my friend!!

  2. This album is so cute & creative! I love what you did with the first picture & all the details throughout, very inspiring!

  3. What a super adorable album! I LOVE it <3


  4. This album is so cute! I have been trying to figure out a way to scrapbook some of our home's re-do projects without making a big ole scrapbook, so I was very happy to check your blog today and find this! I find that with most projects, I tend to overthink things and have been stumped with too many choices--this mini is the perfect, doable choice. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Again, you are such a big inspiration!
    This is so clever and beautiful!
    Thank you Monika!!

  6. Just LOVE your minis, Monika!!

  7. I love these ideas for journals. I want to share your ideas with teenagers in my area through the local library and I would love permission to reproduce some of your images (mostly just the overall design, the insides should be all them).


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