everywhere i turn

It seems that some days, everywhere I turn, there's a mess. I handle it better some days than others. Honestly, some days I just fly off the handle and scream. 99% of the time, I regret that I've yelled at my kids. It's disappointing to me that I've disappointed them in seeing their Mommy get that upset. There, I've said it. I'm hoping you don't think less of me.

The theme for the May Gallery at Write.Click.Scrapbook. is A Day in the Life, or as we termed it, Everdailies. I never was able to swing a photo an hour every hour for a full day, so this is my way of working the theme to fit me. 

It's inspiring to see, as always, how each designer interprets the idea and makes it their very own, too, always in unique and innovative ways. I do hope you'll find some time to visit and browse so that you, too, can come away with a renewed urge to get in your crafty space and make a layout.

 patterned paper, felt arrow {American Crafts} | journaling spots {Scenic Route}

Journaling | Everywhere I turn...there's a mess! Shoes, Books, Art Projects, Photo Albums. All signs, to me, that this is a home. Not a house, but a home.

Love, love, love those Scenic Route cardstock journaling stickers. Always have. I just bought several different colorways. And I bought 3 or 4 sets in each colorway. I like them that much. I found mine, at a great price, on the Scenic Route site because I subscribe to their e-mail updates. I bought a bunch of other stuff that I plan to make into some cute mini albums for the shop, so be on the lookout for those. 

NOTE | When Isabella saw the 4x6 photo laying I used for this layout on my desk, she picked it up, looked at it and laughed. She asked, Is this a picture of our messes?" How did a 7-year old figure that out? I mean, really? 


  1. i love the way your layouts always have such wonderful structure to them. give me a box and i'm SUCH a happy artist!! hope you're finding lots of creative time this weekend! xox

    p.s. try not to worry about yelling at your kids. someday they will thank you for loving them so much.....i promise! (my grown kids hardly even remember all the times i used to yell at them..... :))

  2. oops...where did my comment go?
    anyway, as I was writing: I can totally relate as everydailies is so important, a sort of self-awareness program via scrapbooking!
    Love your page ~

  3. Um I could SO relate to the first part of your post. In fact I could have written that, word for word, myself!

  4. Messes are a part of life . . . before I had kids I used to think that my children would be just like me and pick up everything right after they used it, HA! Then reality hit. I find I am becoming more like them . . . some days I am just too tired to put that adhesive and punch away . . . so I leave it out until I play with it again tomorrow!


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