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What do binder rings, crafting beads, little girls and a 19-year old son have in common?

Book Binder Ring Bracelets | iloveitallwithmonikawright.com

The bored 19-year old son was in the laundry room {I mean Mommy's craft room} twirling around some binder rings I had in my Etsy shop packaging area {top of front-loading washer} when 2 little girls walked in and wanted to play with binder rings, too. Son mentioned that the binder rings would make bracelets. 

Light bulb goes off in Mommy's head. She goes out to the cabinet full of crafting supplies and pulls out what's left of the millions of crafting beads she's bought and collected over the 7 years she's had little girls. Somehow there are fewer than she thought, but more than enough for this project.

Here's where you go to find your own supply of 2" book binder rings {which happen to fit my 5- and 7-year old girls perfectly} and crafting beads. This Mommy just happened to have some on hand...you know, being a scrapbooker and an Etsy shop entrepreneur {fancy word for the day} and all.

How it went down:

- open rings for girls
- hear them fight over who gets the sparkly purple beads
- remind them to hold rings partially closed so that the beads they just put on the ring don't slide off
- remove chocolate lab puppy from the crafting area so purple sparkly beads don't disappear down puppy's throat and she chokes on them

Everyone's happy now. Project complete. And Mommy just happens to have two hand models who cooperate for a photo shoot. Then Spunky gives Sissy a big hug and that makes Mommy even happier.

And speaking of kids {and hugs}, may I present to you the newest addition to the collection of RULES Subway Art prints available here and here at iloveitall on Etsy.

Not finding a color that matches your kitchen or dining room decor? No worries. Just let me know and I'll add your favorite color at no extra charge! Thanks for letting me share these prints with you which were totally inspired by an Etsy customer. Thanks Stephanie.


  1. This is FANTASTIC! All of it. The printable? Perfect. THAT is the one for display :)

  2. Oh what a great idea on the binder rings! I will have to check my stash...my daughter and her bff would go crazy for a craft like that! LOVE LOVE LOVE the rules art too!

  3. Brillant use of binder rings!
    I bet the Girls were in heaven!
    And I love your rules ;-)

    TFS Monika ~

  4. LOVE these! Hope they do well for you...when my little one gets a bit older we'll need one for sure! xoxo

  5. Very cute and ingenious! I'll bet all their school friends want one now. LOL

    And I adore your Chocolate Lab already, even without seeing it! <3

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I think i could do that you ideas seem more manageable, or i could do 18 photos every month, because i'm 18 right now

    Thanks for your suggestions, your getting my creativity turning!


  7. This was a very entertaining post... all due to a bored teenager. If I get my kitchen painted, your RULES will have a place in it. You do such clever things with your subway art.

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