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"How do I capture our evening routine?" That's what I've been asking myself all week as I mulled the evening theme over in my head. And as I browsed and oohed and aahed at the contributions to this week's Flickr gallery. So, in the end, at the 11th hour {well, actually 7:10 pm EDT} I snapped this pic. For me, it sums up so much:
  • how Gordon and I have a good rhythm most of the time and make a pretty good team as we try to make our evenings go smoother...even though I am a stay-at-home-Mom, it still gets so crazy here the last 30 minutes before bedtime
  • how Spunky is just so spunky! She goes strong all day long, even after she lays her sleepy head on her pillow. She just does not want to give it up and succumb to quiet. She's like the Energizer bunny!
  • how Victoria is rebellious when it comes to cleaning up...hiding items under her bed, in the baskets in her nightstand {which used to be the changing table for both our girls, painted a different color, and a changing table for both Gordon and his brother before that...I just can't seem to give it away because I am a sentimental fool} and behind her pillows
  • how Victoria insists upon each of her bedtime buddies there beside her, but rarely hugs one as she goes to sleep much preferring to walk around with Puppy {very original name, eh?} at odd moments during the day
  • and lastly, how she does not like to be "tucked" and wants her arms out of the blanket

So this is my secondary contribution just for my blog...a sweet shot of our Precious loving on her DaDa. Here, I'm reminded of:

  • how this big girl used to be so tiny, always in the under 2nd percentile on the growth charts and now is tall and slim and gorgeous as ever
  • how she has slacked off a bit on being the best cleaner-upper of our two girls and has taken to using a few of Victoria's hiding tricks
  • how she loves all things pink, I don't think that will ever change
  • how she loves her sleeping buddies and is so, so heartbroken when she loses getting to sleep with them when she's done something wrong
  • how she has a certain order for placing each and every sleep buddy in her arms each night, but that Pink Kitty {as opposed to Grey Kitty - see how original our girls are with their naming skills?} must always be closest to her heart
  • how this little Precious falls asleep faster than anyone, almost as soon as her head hits the pillow
  • how Isabella likes to be "tucked" and really prefers a double "tuck"

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We're up to 97 photo-clicking, camera-loving, adventurous 52Photos Flickr group members! Many of us are blogging about our photos on our blogs, which adds to the excitement as more people decide to check out what all the fun is about. Lisa and I are glad you've joined us and have found such interesting and inspiring ways to capture our weekly themes.

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  1. LOVE it! Such sweet moments captured and memories documented! My boys have the same amazing naming skills-we have kitty, puppy, dog, dolphin, etc...they are all so funny at these ages!
    Looking forward to shadow...hopefully mother nature allows us to have a visit from that bright yellow ball that doesn't seem to shine here anymore! : )

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  3. Love it, Monika. What a cutie she is, both of your girls. And Gordon, of course :)

  4. I love that she has all her buddies tucked in with her! How sweet!


  5. what a marvelous post Monika!
    You have a way with with words ;-))


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