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thankful :: yummies in our tummies

11.03.2010  at 8:00 AM

You won't believe the absolutely yummy recipes and gorgeous layouts featured at today by the design team members. You WILL be amazed, I promise. The creamed corn recipe above is what I share as well as a 2up recipe card template that you can download for free. Just click on the download arrow in the box below.

You can also find the template {titled recipe cards} in the download section in my sidebar.


  1. I love the recipe cards, just what I have been looking for! I downloaded them, but how can I type up my recipe in them?

  2. Hi Melissa:

    I couldn't find an e-mail address for you, so here goes:

    I used text boxes in my word processing program to be able to insert text into the recipe card document. Try that to see if it works!


  3. thanks Monika for stoppin by my blog. Your so right I am truly giddy:)


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