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thankful :: warm and cozy

11.05.2010  at 8:00 AM

I'll be at today sharing with all the readers how to make this mini-journal. We'll be passing our little journal around at our Thanksgiving gathering at Oma's house, giving each person a chance to document what they are thankful for. I hope you'll stop by for more of the project and so much more! 

The mini uses this free download, which you can download by clicking on the download arrow in the box below or by visiting the downloads section in my blog sidebar to the right.


  1. Thanks for the download Monika. I'm saving it (as our Thanksgiving is passed) and use it next year :) Or, better, use it when things are a bit out of control and we need a reminder!

  2. I 'm off to check it now ;-)
    Thanks Girl!


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