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You're gonna love 74limelane, I am a very frequent reader there and I think you will be, too. Oh, and guess what? I've been featured there as a Friday Freebie!

That's right, my Little Moments art print made it to the list...all the way in Australia. Oy! You can download my print, and other freebies, by visiting the downloads section in my sidebar. And, go check out the rest of the freebie goodness at 74limelane soon.

As a side note, I used 12 different free art prints from Feed My Soul {feature #1} in my Date Night mini-album below. And tomorrow is Date Night...yippee!

Our Year in Dates
Our Year in DatesOur Year in Dates

I have a few dates to record in my mini before I can share.


  1. Oh! I love Feed Your Soul and I have a LOT of prints up in my work cube ... everyone comments on my wall of art, lol. What a great idea for using them - thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You ARE the queen of the mini...what a great idea!!! I did finally print your "little moments" & I have it proudly displayed in my kitchen! THANK YOU for sharing!!!

  3. Love your dating mini!! What a great idea, Monika.

  4. Monika--You are a ROCK STAR! We must read all the same blogs! And I know this because every time I turn around someone is featuring one of your fabulous prints on their blog! I think it's high time I get one of your "Family Rules" prints, myself--I love it! Keep on, girl! (Oh! And I can't wait to see your date mini!)

  5. Love your mini! Can't wait to see more!!! ;-)

  6. What a great idea for a mini album!! It looks really cute -- hope to see more of it!! :)


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