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missing him

10.04.2010  at 8:00 AM

My sweetie is out of town, in the Windy City, and we all miss him. But, especially me. He is such a great teammate, helping in everything we do as parents, and I definitely know that there's not an extra pair of hands here to make the job go smoother!

I'll share this photo that our 7-year old took. Not perfect because the sun was high overhead and it's glaring on the left side of Gordon's face, but I am learning to embrace imperfection. It's better to have a less than perfect photo of a treasured memory than no photo at all, I've come to believe. And this one will be special just because I remember how proudly our daughter stood there taking our photo and feeling VERY, VERY important.

Although I cropped this photo, because I hadn't shown her how to zoom in and out, she did a great job composing the photo and even asked us to "pose" a few different ways. Gotta love that!

The photo is going in our Fall mini-album, as is the print below. I'm using the same Fall/Autumn mini-album kit that's in the shop. I'll share with you tomorrow the pages I've completed so far as well as ideas for journaling and photos.

If you like this saying as much as I do, feel free to print it for yourself. I've designed it as a 6x4 printable,  which prints beautifully on photo paper and also looks pretty awesome on transparency paper. You can download it for free just by clicking on the free downloads tab in my menu bar under the blog header and choosing Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile or by clicking the download arrow in the box above.

Sidenote:  I used the Grafix brand computer-printable transparency sheets available at Hobby Lobby. If you have a source that's cheaper, please share your info with me in the comments. I wouldn't mind buying in larger quantities if it's a bargain!

Thanks for stopping in!
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  1. I love the photo, the lighting and all! Your saying is super, love the yellow with the black - really makes it pop!

  2. She did a great job! My twins have started wanting to take our photo too and I love it-they get so proud of their shots!
    I can not wait to see your fall mini-I was so excited to win the one happy mama contest and received my own copy of your fall mini this weekend (thank you so much!)-I can't wait to get started.
    I had so much fun making my own Summer in the life album inspired by you this summer-I need to shoot it (now completed) once this rain that has pounding us here in the Mid Atlantic stops so I can go out in some natural light!

  3. Thanks so much for the download!! I haven't used a transparency for awhile and i love them, so i took your advice and printed your download out on one. It will go into my fall mini... now to get a picture of my husband and i. Your picture is so cute! Hope Gordon has a safe trip home!

  4. she did a great job with the photo!

    i also really love this print---i might try to print it!

  5. So cute!! Love that idea to print on transparency!! I always forget about it until Ali Edwards does her December Daily. ;) Can't wait to see your fall album finished!!

  6. This is a great photo!!!!!!! Adorable!


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