that's why we call her spunky

This 8x8 layout isn't about the band-aid on her forehead, it's about how much she loves her brother. {He was a Sophomore in high school and is going to be a Freshman in college in 2 weeks. She was 2.5 going on 5 and now she's 4.75 going on 14!?

This post IS about how our Spunky gets injured at least 3 or 4 times a day. She is just so active and rambunctious, that it is not uncommon for her legs to have at least 8 bruises going on at one time! I cannot even tell you how many times the words, "Don't run!" are uttered, whispered, and yes, even yelled on occasion, in this house in one day.

Just now she hurt her hip going down the stairs. She tells me that she's sorry that she wasn't holding on to the railing. It's hard to be upset with her when she's just so darn cute. Big brother says that I am easier on her than I was on him and his other sister! My last baby. I guess she does get a little more understanding from me. Sometimes.

BTW-The band-aid covers the stitches she got from running into the door jamb at my Mom's house. She spends one day per week with each Grandmother. Poor Oma. Poor Victoria for having to be in a strait jacket while they stitched her forehead. Poor older sister for having to see all that. Poor Mom for having to endure it all without shedding a tear so that the girls wouldn't be alarmed. All's well and she doesn't remember a thing!

Here's Spunky while we're doing a painting project outdoors in she shade...without the band-aid. You can hardly see the stitches.


  1. Thanks for sharing Monika, they're so sweet and I can relate ;-)

  2. so cute! what does the number at the bottom represent?

  3. Andrea:

    the bottom number stands for reason #________ for why she loves him...just my attempt at being cute with a title, ha, ha.

  4. I can never think of a reason to purchase a paper pack or paper that has numbers on it, but what a great use for it! Your layout is cute besides and it is a great idea for a layout. :)


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