charleston, s.c. :: a mini-album {Day 3}

Another beautiful day in Charleston, S.C. awaits us. Plans for the day included getting the Camaro from valet parking and driving that beauty around to see what lies beyond what we could see while walking. 

Here begins day three, where I've included the parking ticket while on the Isle of Palms. The photos behind the ticket are those famous hold-your-camera-phone-at-arms-length-to-take-a-photo photos! It sure was windy at Fort Moultrie, but so worth it. There was a brief historical movie and then we did our self-guided tour. It was so nice to have the time to do and see it all without a million questions from the kids. Don't judge me, though. The kids would have loved it, yes we said this so many times while at the Fort, but it WAS nice. 

We're the only ones on the beach wearing boots, believe me. Had to take an iPhone photo of this odd occurrence...the scrapbook police would have arrested me for sure for not documenting, don't you think? And had to take a photo, as I do each time we're at the beach, of our names and year or some variation of that, in the sand!  

The photo above shows Gordon taking a photo of me with his Blackberry {photo below} while I take a photo of him with my iPhone {above}. My sweet little Canon 40D has been packed away awaiting some love from the Canon Factory gurus.

Dunleavy's Pub is popular with the locals and was also a recommendation. We each had a different delish yummy, and shared. But don't expect fine dining here, it is truly a Pub in all ways possible. Bare bones, but so worth it.

Here I've used some more of the free label downloads from the Giver's Log blog. I like the look of using labels and using those spaces for my journaling. You might have noticed that I do that. A. Lot.

A blog reader, and also a repeat Etsy customer {hi Altie!} asked me in an e-mail about incorporating photos in my mini's. She wanted to know if I use chipboard between them or just adhered the two photos together. I tend to adhere the photos back-to-back first and THEN punch the holes. When it comes to patterned paper, for the internal pages, I do the same as I would with the photos. If it is a mini-album that will see a lot of little hands, you might want to consider using chipboard {I recycle the old cereal and mac-n-cheese cartons} as a base for your patterned paper.

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The photo below was taken on the grounds of the Nathaniel Russell House {see that amazing staircase below?} by a very lovely "older" couple. We enjoyed sitting on a bench surrounded by the beautifully landscaped grounds with a slight breeze blowing and hearing about their travels throughout the years of marriage. I love the quirkiness of the iPhone photo of the two of us. We don't get many photos together, so I treasure each and every one.

We enjoyed a Ben & Jerry's cone while browsing through the Market. It was hot and the ice cream was cold. And good! And yes, this is the evening we went back to Coast. Again. Did I mention how much we enjoyed it? Yes, I think I did. Probably more than once already.

The basis for this page is the negative part of the stickers I used in the album. I hate to waste and it kind of made it fun to fit the journaling in all the openings.

The wrap-up will be here waiting for you on Thursday, so please do come back.


  1. I'm famous..I got a shout-out in Monika's blog!!! haha, that's awesome :)

    Did you guys wear matching orange shirts on purpose? You just wanted everyone to know you were from TN, right?!?

    Altie :)

  2. Love this! Question: How did you get the scalloped border so perfect around the corners on the very last page? It looks fabulous:)

  3. Altie:

    believe it or not, we don't really wear orange all that much, and my orange shirt was a $20 deal at Abercrombie that I bought in Charleston because the weather was way more perfect than was predicted.

    Stephanie Anne:

    the scalloped page is from Target several years ago when it was in the clearance section. It is a card, I suppose, that I hole-punched with my 1/8" hole punch from Fiskars.

  4. Excellent Monika,

    I feel like I'm traveling to Charleston!
    Can't wait to see day 4!

    Thank you, you know how much I love your book! ;-)

  5. SUPER cute mini... love all the fun details!! :)


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