Yesterday I received a notice in my mailbox that there was a package waiting for me to pick up. Yippee! The Post Office is on my way to Isabella's school, so I left a few minutes early...I'm all about surprises. 

I couldn't not share this with you, so here goes:

I know. Can you believe it? Let me just say that I was overwhelmed with the bounty and kindness that came out of that box. It was carefully, and beautifully, packaged and I am still just smiling from ear to ear. I will have a more detailed post for you on Monday...and just maybe I'll have several of the projects completed and displayed.

As I type this, I am looking at a very special piece of art created just for me by this very dear person I met through my Etsy shop. If she didn't live in California, I would get in the car and give her a hug right now...yeah, I'm talking about you, Gina!

Now for the randomness:
  • Don't forget to enter this giveaway, it ends soon!
  • It's also give.away.day. at write.click.scrapbook. {as it is each and every Thursday} and today a new blogging friend, Karen Grunberg, is featured. Want a hint? It's a spot in her new class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. She also designed all the free downloads I used for this album.
  • I've gone international, my book page flower tutorial was featured on this French blog. Merci!
  • I just found a new blog, and if you're interested in bargains and neat ideas, click here. I've been surfing there now for about 30 minutes and already added several ideas to my Tumblr.
  • I'm still working on my scrap room, which has much more green than I ever imagined it would. The big job is really in the room beyond, you know the tornado known as the furnace room. It will require a whole day of dust, dirt, sweat and brawn to have it like I want it. Well, ideally I'd like it to be totally different, but we can't have it all. Plus, I can close the door and not look at it!
So, just to remind you...

Isn't that pure cuteness? YES. It is.


  1. Monica, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the random tidbits... I entered the contests and added the frugal site to my faves...

  2. so random....
    Congrats on being international!!!!
    Thanks for the frugal blog link..it is fab-o!
    Didn't know about my tumblr...so need that.
    want to win that BPS giveaway!!!!
    awesome surprise from your friend!!!
    Also dig the download box, so we can find them easier. One for the links you share would be good too, but that would be one huge box!!

  3. Monica....I just found you blog and Loved!!! I´m a new follower.
    Hugs from Brazil

  4. LOVE it! SO stinkin' cute! I need one! LOL! :-D

  5. Wow, I love it!! How lucky!



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