Art and Creativity Challenge

I just finished up a free five day online Art and Creativity Challenge hosted by Marieke Blokland. Each day Marieke prepared a video explaining the day's inspiration, her thoughts and methods of interpreting the piece of art all while she shared herself doodling away on her project.

While I don't consider myself artistic, I do think I'm a bit creative. I am certainly no doodler, so this project was definitely outside my comfort zone.

I used a travelers notebook from I Love It All and added a watercolor tag to the cover and inside cover page and then added some embellishments my friend Jeanne gifted me in a birthday goody package.

Day 1
I had fun interpreting Miro's style into my own style and can see myself doodling away again. I feel that I need to loosen up and let go of perfection. Not that this is perfect, but I was striving more for something perfect and pleasing rather than just going with the flow.

Day 2
Today's doodle project was probably the one that I most resonated with. I liked the search process for inspiraiton, I enjoyed the time I spent interpreting my inspiration piece and I loved adding all the texture.

This is my inspiration:

And this is how it translated to paper:

Day 3
Collage art as inspired by Romare Bearden. If I had spent more time, my interpretation could have been  more artsy, but for now I'm pleased and it put a smile on my face. Personally, if I'm going to play with paper, this would not be my preferred method.

Day 4
Faces have never been my forte, nor my style. Obviously.

Day 5
Blech. I least enjoyed this lesson and didn't really understand how the lesson correlated with the inspiration piece. But, like I said, I am no artist and probably just didn't follow the thought process.

In conclusion, this was a fun, short project and I got to explore some new-to-me art mediums. And that's always a good thing!

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