Documenting My Story, One Letter At A Time

#all about me #my story #right now #currently #a to z #mini book #mini album
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I'm less than a week into my 55th year and I'm loving life! Thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes, I appreciate them, and you, all very much. And I've got a new project to work on throughout the year all the way up until March 28th of next year.

I don't really care to talk about myself or sharing photos of myself, which might seem odd since I blog and share over on Facebook and Instagram, but I do love creating, though.

And I document in words.

Five years ago, I made a journal I called 50 Until 50. I began 50 days before my 50th birthday, sharing one little tidbit about me on Instagram. And then i decided that I should document all those little tidbits into a journal.

So I did.

And if you want to know more about me than any person would ever want to know, go ahead and go down that rabbit hole.

#all about me #my story #right now #currently #a to z #mini book #mini album

This year, I decided to take a slower approach to sharing little tidbits about myself using this journal, you can save 30% by using the coupon code ALLABOUTMEFROMATOZ.

#all about me #my story #right now #currently #a to z #mini book #mini album

I'll have all year to share my Right Now story and I'm not sure if I'll share tidbits of info specifically related to my 55th year or just me in general. I'm leaning toward the whole 55th year of my life angle, but I'll just go with the flow and see how it goes.

#all about me #my story #right now #currently #a to z #mini book #mini album

Hey, if you want to join in and document your life right now, I'll keep this journal at a 30% discount all year. It's never to late to begin documenting your story.

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