Things That Make Me Happy

Ever come across a journaling prompt that could have you writing for days? I ran out of room on my journal page, but I could add so many more things to my "things that make me happy" list, so here goes: the perfect nude lip, Country Living magazine, hearing my girls sing, lunch dates with Zach, walks with Rooster, cuddles with the kitties, morning chats with my Sweetie, my feather pillow...

I printed the Listers Gotta List challenge prompts onto sticker paper and trimmed the headers to make a title page for my journal. Then, while I was watching television one evening, I hand cut and rounded the edges of all the prompts I chose to answer and added them to my travelers notebook. I'm using my Chic Sparrow Mr. Darcy, this is the insert set I'm using, which is available in 3 sizes and comes with an embellishment kit.


I love how journaling gets me to thinking about the little things, how I'm able to tell my story in little snippets each time I put pen to paper.

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  1. Spending time with friends and family makes me happy. Study shows that it might also make you happier right now. Even for nerds, social interaction is crucial to enhancing our pleasure. Numerous studies have revealed that our level of happiness is significantly influenced by the time we spend with friends and family. Aside from that, playing game also makes me happy. One of the game types I played is hack and slash game. It’s a desktop play where you can interact with other gamers around the world.

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