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Anyone overindulge during the holidays? Raising my hand here. Not just sweet treats, either. Gosh, I do love my Mom's Crescent Cookies, though. I have to talk myself into not eating the whole tin.

Maybe you overindulged on the monetary front, too?  Again, me raising my hand here. A couple of times a year, usually after the holidays and after summer vacation, I do a No Spend month. For me, it's just as a way to put myself back on track and to make myself aware of taking just a moment to evaluate my purchases - do I really need this?

I'm not planning on denying myself the necessities of life, but I am hoping to make myself think twice before buying things that I think I need, or want. If I meet my goal

And hey, if you're finding this post and it's not the beginning of the month, don't wait. Don't wait for the a new month to begin. Begin now, do it now. Reach your goal and reward yourself.

I made myself a No Spend tracker and turned it into a free download because I thought that maybe you would want to join me in tracking either a habit or maybe even have a No Spend month, too.

Good news...I didn't spend a thing yesterday and I had the joy of marking Day 1 as a success! I simply filled in the outlined date with my pen.

#no spend #tracker #printable #no spend tracker #no spend month #budget #budgeting #monthly #journal card #planner

I hacked my own design, originally a3x4 journal card, and trimmed it longer on the top and bottom and then covered the writing with washi tape to make it look like a shipping tag.

Choose your favorite printable or download them both: they're designed to print on a 4x6 document. 
#no spend #tracker #printable #no spend tracker #no spend month #journal card #planner  #budget #budgeting #monthly
Download the No Spend Journal card   |   Download the Tracker journal card. 
Here are more free downloads to print.
And, here are more journal cards you can download as well.

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