30 days of lists | days 14 - 18

Wow, it's hard to believe it's almost December. And that means that registration is now open for the December 30 Days of Lists challenge. I thought it might be a good time to finally publish the rest of my lists from the September class, so here's days 14 - 18. Links to Days 1 - 13 are at the bottom of the post. And here's the mini book kit I used:

And the decorated cover...


Day 14
My Favorite Teams

I crinkled this list horribly in my border punch and had to cover it up with the carnival tickets.  And the crinkle on the right side of the page, I just have to be happy with that, I couldn't think of how to cover that up.

And in my never ending search to repurpose letter stickers to find the letters I need, the "E" in teams is actually the number 3.

Day 15
Pets I Have Loved

I changed the title of this list up a bit. Honestly, I don't want another pet right now. The fur balls inside the house and the havoc our puppy is wreaking on my landscaping outside have me thinking the pets we have now are more than enough.

Day 16
Lies I Tell Myself

The arrow die cuts are part of the mini album design, you can buy your mini book here, and I just added the title to the flap...to read the list, one must open the flap. The page flags are from the Target Dollar Spot and sent to me by a friend.

Day 17
My Best Tips For...changed to My Best Recipes

The pink outline is from a sticker sheet where I just cut around the negative. The number one used in 17 is an exclamation point without the period since I ran out of the number one stickers in this set.

Day 18
Casting for The Movie of My Life

I have overheard my my Mother-in-Law, in the past, tell me that I'm the family's Cindy Crawford. I'll totally take that compliment and remember it forever!

I spent way more time on this particular list than I ever thought possible. I usually just look at the list prompt and begin journaling, but not this time. Would you have problems with this list or is a no-brainer for you?


Registration for the December 30 Days of Lists challenge is open and you can register here!  

DISCLAIMER | I am an affiliate of the 30 Days of Lists class and will earn a small fee if you use any of my links to purchase the class. As you can see by the number of times I've taken classes, I believe in this adventure and think you will enjoy it, too.


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  1. I want to do this December 30 days challenge so bad, but I just took on a new baby to babysit and I'm afraid I won't have time...

    1. I totally understand, kiddos always come first! So many people just write their lists and share them on Instagram or Facebook. Or not at all...keeping it private and only for their eyes. It's a fun community, I think you would enjoy them, and it's always a treat to see how other people document their viewpoints. There will be another in March, if that might be a better time for you. Enjoy the new snuggle monster!

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