month-in-review | march 2014

The month of March 2014 was to be remembered, at least for me, as the year I turned 50. However, our family has been completely devastated by the unexpected death of my Father-in-Law on March 18th.

And because of that, I've held off on publishing our family facts for March.
How could I ever reduce what occurred to just one line?
I did, though, knowing that we'll always have our memories.

Thank you all for your hopeful wishes, kind words and prayers and blessings for us all.

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I didn't know what photo to choose either. And I thought long and hard about whether including a smiling photo of myself was self-centered. Again, I did it though. It's not often that I even like photos of me and I've been trying to do such a better job of trying to get in the picture.

After all, it is with this birthday that the gift of another year means so much more.

Our March
Our girls are just blowing us away with their love of learning and excellent grade cards. And their brother is extra proud, too, to hear that they've both made straight A's two grading periods in a row!

The Cover
Feel free to design your own cover, or download the cover I'm using. I included 2013 for you as well.


  1. Sorry again for your father-in-law's passing... Isend you and your family toughts and hughs from Canada!
    I've just downloaded the mini-album, I'll let you know how it turned out! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Nathalie :)

    1. Thanks for continuing to think of us, Nathalie. I look forward to seeing your mini album, too!

  2. I love that picture of you Monika. It is sweet and real, just as you are.

  3. YOU look "fabulous at fifty" Monika!

    Sorry to hear of your father-in-laws unexpected passing... keeping your family hemmed in our thoughts and prayers. It's always hardest on the survivors.

    Anne ( NH )

    PS... love your Pooh metaphor


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