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the family that cooks together

7.07.2013  at 5:00 AM

Sunday Photos | Monika Wright
With a little help, the girls used their cookbook and made French Toast for Breakfast on Friday. Of course, Chef DaDa had stovetop duties, but they had a ball. I could hear them chatting about the whole process while I was still upstairs making the bed.


  1. Your girls sound so sweet. I remember learning to cook when I was little!

  2. If only my boys were interested in cooking .... Love French toasts and love their little aprons! :) Happy Sunday to you all!

    1. Zach was not at all interested in cooking when he was younger, but now he often requests recipes that he and Ruth want to try out on their own. Ruth says he is a pretty good cook, too, and they love to experiment together.

  3. Frech toast is the best. I make it often with my Mom.
    Have a nice time

  4. It is fun to cook together!! Much more fun than doing it on your own :)


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