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This is the first year the girls have played baseball. Yes baseball, not softball. To top it off, it was a co-ed team, there was just one other girl on the team. The talent spectrum was all over the field, too. There was some remarkable talent for players as young as they were but the majority of the team were players that were first-time players.

What bound our team together was our Coach. He is a kind, caring, encouraging, patient man. I respect those qualities, but even more so when the Coach is dealing with an energetic bunch of kids who have no clue what baseball even is.

The Girls and their Coach |  Monika Wright

I'll add that we were not the best team in our league, perhaps even one of the two at the end of the list. Watching our games, though, we didn't lose by a huge margin in our games and our kids were in the game for 90% of the game. Toward the end, they lost focus, but heck they're all 7 - 9 year old's. {Girls are permitted to be one year older than the boys.}

Be assured, this team had heart and believed they could and tried their hardest to make it happen.

They learned in so many ways and are all better for the experience. And that's a gift they'll always have.


  1. What a fun story! That Coach looks like such a nice guy.

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