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Summer has officially kicked me in the hiney, so here is a catch-up post on my latest 52Photos captures.

my 52Photos capture :: square

Isabella and Victoria were outside playing and wondered what to do next. I suggested hopscotch, knowing that it would be a game would could play in the shade on this hot and humid Summer day! Even though Victoria is 27 months younger than Isabella, she seemed to do a better job at hopping the squares but they both enjoyed it equally well and Duke just enjoyed having us outside for company. Plus, we all like playing with chalk!

my 52Photos capture :: polaroid

Polaroid, the word, brings back an era of days gone by. And this picture isn't all that old, really, but it does bring back memories, for me, of days gone by. Days when my girls were still needed me for so many things. Days when they spent each waking moment together. In less than 6 weeks, both my girls, my last babies, will be in school all.day.long. I'll be home alone. Alone. Alone for the first time in 8 years. No one calling Mommy several times an hour. No one asking for a snack several times a day. No one needing a crayon sharpened or a story read.

my 52Photos capture :: blue

This photo is years old but so captures the theme of blue for me that I can't imagine another photo taking its place. This is the view we have as we drive to the top of our driveway each day. Granted, the sky is not always so blue or the clouds so puffy and white. But, the view is always as glorious and breathtaking. To think that I get to live where I live is really so amazing. That wonderful Mr. wRight brought me to a beautiful part of his world.

my 52Photos capture :: tradition

For 13 years, it has been a tradition that Zach gets to be the first one to jump into the pool at Nana's and Papa's. Really, for the last 10 years, no one really wanted to be the first one to jump in the pool...we were all quite happy to allow Zach the honor. Up until a few years ago, the pool wasn't heated so the water was way too chilly for me, anyway! The last 3 years or so, Isabella has been aching to have the "first jump" honor. Well, this year it was bittersweet. She did get to be the first jumper of the season, but Zachi wasn't there to see it. We did capture this photo {Isabella wanted to be sure I got her peace sign pose} as Isabella starts the next generation of first to jump. I'm thinking that next year, Victoria is going to fight for her place as first jumper of the season, don't you?

next week's theme


the wrap-up

Whew! I'm caught up...at least until next week. Lots of new photos and new prompts as we head into warmer days and longer nights...at least here in the U.S. What's the weather like where you live?

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  1. That last photo of Isabella jumping is sweet indeed. And good job mommy, capturing her pose! =)

  2. I'm totally going to join 52Weeks! How fun! When do we start posting photos? Do you do a blog post about the theme, or do we just do it sometime next week because you've already announced the theme? LOVE this idea!!

  3. What a great post Monika!
    Thank you for sharing ~

  4. The hop-scotch is my favourite :) I have pinned it.

  5. love the all pictures but the hopscotch one is my favorite!! I love it!


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