one cute boy

My little boy at his first egg hunt at Tante Jette's and Onkel Heinz's home in Munich, Germany. It was soooo cold, but I was determined that I would have photos of him in this adorable outfit. Navy blue wool jumper, white knee socks, white leather sandals, white Peter Pan collared shirt with blue piping...all purchased by Oma in San Diego and send to Germany for her first grandchild.

One cute boy, that's for sure.

I still have the outfit, down in our crawl space, just waiting. I was hoping to have had another boy to wear this outfit and show the pictures off to future wives showing them how cute their babies would one day be. But, no more boys. So, I save it anyway hoping that Zach might have a boy that I can dress up in the outfit and take a photo. And make a layout of his Daddy wearing the same outfit at a long ago Easter. 


  1. One cute layout too!
    Glad to know I'm not the only mama who's determined to get photos of her kids in their super-cute outfits ;-)

  2. He's certainly very cute! Love the LO too.


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