test post with the iPad2

I'm sitting here in my fave living room chair with a super cute pillow that has my olw, "joy," embroidered on the front. My friend, Gina, sent it in a birthday package of lots of little goodies for me and the girls...she also has an Isabella.

I'm wearing a new necklace as I write. It, too, has my olw emblazoned on it. I've been wearing it since yesterday when it arrived in the mail with the cutest packaging. Ever.

I'm thinking about whether the iPad2 is really going to do what I want it to do? Should I keep it or hold out for a laptop. My sweetie says that I'm crazy and that the iPad is way cooler than a laptop.

I'm finished for now but promise that I will post photos of all the uber cute stuff I just told you about.

And now for a test photo that has absolutely nothing to do with this post! No photo, iPad won't let me do it. Does anyone have any blogging tips for the iPad?


  1. I have a macbook and LOVE it! Not as small as an ipad2, but lOvE it.
    A lot of what I've learned is by going to YouTube and searching what I'm trying to learn. There is some good stuff out there.

  2. Nope ...sorry...I was counting on YOU actually!!! ;-))
    I have an iMac and a macBook Pro...

  3. I love, love, love my macbook but want an iPad so badly. Am I spoiled rotten?

  4. Sorry girlie, no help here. :( But I would so LOVE to have an iPad!! You are one lucky or I should say Loved girl! :)
    I do agree with ^^^^ check out YOU TUBE! Lots of awesome tutorials out there! ;)

  5. Heeheehee. I would love either at this point. Working on getting all our debt paid off, so I won't get either for a while, LOL! My friend absolutly loves his.

  6. I had the same issue but resorted to using my macbook to make posts. I did find some instructions here: http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=41452 on how to post by composing and email and then sending it to your blogger address. i will admit i haven't tried this yet.


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