santa, please stop here!

When my now 19-year old son was just a youngster, we lived in a townhome without a fireplace, and all kids know that Santa comes down through the chimney. Yep, he was worried. And Mommy always reassured him that Santa would find a way to get in and somehow Santa always managed to get in and  leave some gifts, not forgetting to eat his cookies, of course!

When I saw the Santa page title dimensional stickers that SEI had in their Kris Kringle collection this project immediately came to mind. If you have little ones that are worried about Santa getting in the house, crafting this fun project together might ease their worries.
I had this door hanger in my stash from a project earlier this summer, so after inking the edges of the wood hanger and adhering my Snowball Fight textured cardstock from the Assortment Pack, I sanded the edges and then inked the paper edges. Add some SEI die cut accents and stickers and you are finished with your project!
Another idea would be to thread some ribbon through a key and attach it to the door hanger, so Santa has no problems at all finding a way to leave his Christmas goodies. Of course, make sure it’s not your actual door first!
While I had craft supplies out, I embellished several cards with even more stickers and die cut accents from SEI. Aren’t these just the perfect size to insert a gift card?
Here are a few more ways to embellish ready-made cards with stickers and die cuts.

Wishing each of you happy holidays and happy crafting, too, of course!

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  1. I love the door hanger.!

    I am new to your site and will be subscribing. I actually follow blogs as part of my job for a Woman's Club.

    Hello Kitty Apparel
    Glitzy Gals Club

  2. Too darn cute! And I'm so pleased that you'll be participating in Art Journal Every Day! Yay!

  3. Hi Monika!
    I am so glad that you are a party of the SEI Link party because that's how I learned about your blog.
    I LOVE your ideas and I LOVE reading the stories that are a part of your posts.
    Thanks for sharing. I'll be back. Carol


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