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I thought it was about time that I shared a few more of our Summer in the Life escapades. I cannot believe that in 3 weeks school will be back in session. At least here in East Tennessee.

And on the first day of school, my second grader turns 7! EEEEK!

So, behind the Play tab, and on the left side of the album, you'll see me and my taller than me 18-year old son as we spend a rare day alone {meaning without his two younger sisters} together as we do some college prep. For some reason, brilliant me decides take a photo of us looking into the sun. And that's why we're squinting. I used the back side of the journaling spot on the page before for the journaling for this page. On the right hand side of the page, I share two photos of the girls playing on the same day, in different areas, with toys that their brother once played with. Can't go wrong with duplo's and Lincoln Logs, right? They've stood the test of time! I outlined the chipboard letters in marker to add a little definition.

This photo was taken for my self-portrait-a-day project with Emily Pitts at I've already misplaced these fave sunglasses three times this summer. I would be so sad to lose them, Zach gave them to me for my birthday several years ago. And that's why I included a photo of me WITH my Darth Vader sunglasses.

Ah, my sweetie. We married in the summer month of June twelve years ago, so I dedicated this page to him {and me sort of, I guess!}. And, yes, I  cut up a less-than-loved book to use as the base for my page. Sorry. But, at least I recycled.

What can I say about Toy Story 3? Great, made me boo hoo, reminds me that my boy and me saw this when he was younger and now both he and Andy are headed to college. And loved that the girls laughed out loud during the movie and happen to love 3 as much as Zach loved The Original!

Just wanted to document how Woody and the Gang are enjoying the wild, wild mountains of East Tennessee! I use those file folder labels for journaling a lot, don't I? They just work {hard} for me.

Now, on to Splash! Yes, they do love water. Oh, yeah, and dress up. The irregular shape of the flower that I used for the page title reminded me of the floppiness of the hat my youngest daughter was wearing.

Want to Laugh? Gordon and his brother crack up about something they've said while they're putting on the fireworks show for the family. It's blurry, but I think it just supports the journaling {brothers that play together...laugh together!} I used my Dymo label maker for some journaling, too.

Now for some Chill time. I used the children's menu/placemat from a local eatery as the base for this story. I added a name tag for a journaling spot and included the package topper from the Silly Banditz Gordon bought for the girls during a drugstore stop after dinner. They will be a trend that would have been forgotten if Mommy hadn't scrapped it for them! Awww.

Zach has been doing some shopping at American Eagle, Abercrombie, Dillard's and Nike as he prepares for college, and I just might have done some shopping, too! I used the coupon post card as the page AND the journaling spot!

Edited to Add: If you'd like to see previous Summer in the Life mini album pages, click here.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE this Monika!!!!!!! I love the bright colors, the format (esp. the full page photos and the fun glimpse it gives of your Summer! And I MUST find some of that yellow Dymo tape! ;)


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