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These utensils are not the prettiest. Or in the best shape. Or antique.

frame and gingham ribbon: Hobby Lobby + paper: Stampin' Up + utensils: priceless treasures

But they are treasures. And treasured.

Back Story: We live in the home of my husband's deceased grandparents. It was built by Papaw and my father-in-law about 45 years ago with lumber from the property and milled on the property. Over the past 12 years, we have renovated this home to make it our bit of paradise. Sure, I would still love to have a mudroom and breezeway that connects to the detached garage, but that's another project for another day {remember my son is heading to college!}. And the sunroom you spy behind the frame to the left? It was an uncovered concrete slab off the dining room door until about 9 years ago!

We found these utensils in the crawl space when we first began renovating, six months before we married. I have had them laying in a cupboard with the idea of framing them for 12 years, but the cost of framing always stopped me. So, a few months ago, I couldn't stand it any longer. I had all the pieces, even the frame, I just needed to put them together. It is now propped up, and covering a seldom used outlet that I hate looking at, in the kitchen. The fork and spoon kept wanting to fall off, so they now have gingham ribbon looped around them, too.

When I showed my father-in-law the frame, he looked at it for a few seconds with his head down without saying a word. I think he was touched. He then pointed to the spoon, looked at me, smiled, and said, "I remember using those." He even went out to the living room to show my mother-in-law the frame. I think he liked it, don't you?

I get to look at these utensils every day and remember the lovely grandparents I hear so much about and never had the pleasure to meet.


  1. Best story of the day. By far. : )

  2. What a great story and great framed utensils too! I have a stampin up set of antique utensils that I love that reminds me of these

  3. way to put a smile on my face. :)


  4. So glad I took the time to read this - great story.

  5. That's about the coolest thing ever!

  6. I love what you did with these and the story that goes with it! Thank you for joining the party~we would love it if you would add a link to it. Thanks!

  7. Fabulous story! Beautiful project. :)

  8. Fabulous story! Beautiful project. :)


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