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Looking for a summertime project? Me, too! 
Join me in documenting our stories with a few list prompts I've gathered. 

Here's my first list:
If I Could...
There are a number of ways I could have gone with this list prompt, obviously, but when I saw the book page, I just knew it would be reading. I have been on a reading binge the last month or so and it is driving Gordon crazy because every time he sees me, my nose is in a book. Whether I'm out on the mud porch, sitting in the living room or lounging at the beach on vacation, I have been reading.

So, if I could...I would read 24-7 and forget about all my chores. Especially in the summer. 
Who am I kidding, I would read all.the.time. if I could!

I used the orange folder label from the sticker sheet in the kit for the list prompt and then I did a background watercolor wash on my book page in orange as well. Today, I was feeling matchy-matchy, but sometimes I like things to complement or even clash when I design a page. 

Ready to join in?
Take a look at the pages inside this journal. I included some pages for you that are already embellished like these:

And then there are some pages that are left plain for you to work your own magic. I love adding in office-themed paper ephemera and that envelope is a perfect little place to tuck some private journaling into.

Grab a journal or mini book or notebook from your own stash or head over to I Love It All and choose this journal, which includes the embellishment kit AND is under $15 for a limited time.

The time I spend listing in mixed paper journals makes my heart happy and is one of my most favorite past times. I love that it gives me time to be creative, helps me to use up my crafty stash and also gives me a chance to tell my story for future generations.

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