I Painted a Page in My Gratitude Journal

I've been so tickled to see a little family of robins camping outside my studio and "visiting" with me throughout the day. They must have their nest just across the creek and fly over to the grassy area outside my French doors to hunt for worms. That is until Rooster, our border collie, catches on to what they're doing and they scurry away.

You've seen me hop around and use a selection of Gratitude Journals all in one week and guess what, this week I journaled exclusively in my spiral bound junk journal.

Before and After
1. With A Little Paint
This page called for something, so I pulled out some acrylic paint. I squeezed it onto my finger and smeared it on the page. The hardest part of it all was waiting for the paint to dry.

I love how the page crinkled from the dried paint. I used some washi tape to hold the ribbon paper clip in place and began journaling. Today is my birthday, so I decided to write a prayer for just a few of things I am so very grateful for.

2. With a Die Cut
If I'm not inspired by a page, I'll come back to it. And that's what happened to this notepaper on the first go around. I passed it up to go to another page to journal - and I'm okay with that.

I just happened to have a feather die cut laying out on my craft desk and laid it on the page. I've noticed a trend in my journal, it's not always gratitude journaling that I'm doing but it is always a recollection {and collection} of memories of people, places and things that have brought me joy and for which I am grateful for. 

I know I say it often, but I do miss Papa. 

3. With a Journal Card
Remember when I said that I skip around if I'm not inspired by a page? 

Well, I also add in pages. And I did that by using a journaling card and slipped it under the paper clip from the painted time card above. This is why I added the washi tape to keep the paper clip in place. 

Letting The Page Lead You
I adore using office ephemera in my junk journals, and I would say that I use some sort of office-themed paper in 80% of the journals I make. I let the page lead me and journaled about one of our favorite hometown restaurants.

I've been keeping an eye on the chunkiness level of my Gratitude Journal. I'm a memory keeper that likes to add layers and textures, but I've been leaning toward the 'lean' side of embellishing so that this one won't be 3" thick at the end of the year.

Die Cuts - feathers, mason jars and flag pennants to be listed soon!

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