Date Night In My Gratitude Journal

#gratitude #gratitude journal #journaling #Things I Am Thankful For #Today I Am Grateful For #thankful #thankfulness #I Am Thankful For

Last week, we were lucky enough to have Date Night...on a weekday. Yeah crazy, right? I'm pretty grateful for our time together and for the opportunity to see Del McCourey and Friends in concert right here in our little community.

So technically, this isn't literally before the pen. I had already added a tab with a cutout heart and  handwritten  the words Date Night before I took the photo. But I wanted you to see how cute it is to add little elements to your journal to make it uniquely yours. I adore how the tab is peeking out from the folded over kraft bag.

#gratitude #gratitude journal #journaling #Today I Am Grateful For #thankful #thankfulness #I Am Thankful For
#gratitude #gratitude journal #journaling #Today I Am Grateful For #thankful #thankfulness #I Am Thankful For

Don't let a blank page intimidate you. Just jump in and begin journaling. No one says you have to fill the whole page. I just happened to have a story to tell so I had to turn the page and continue on the back.

#gratitude #gratitude journal #journaling #Today I Am Grateful For #thankful #thankfulness #I Am Thankful For
#gratitude #gratitude journal #journaling #Today I Am Grateful For #thankful #thankfulness #I Am Thankful For

But the pages inside the journal are generally large enough for you to journal several days worth of thankful thoughts on one page. No one expects you to write a book. Just jot a few words down every day and go from there.

If you look back on my past GRATITUDE JOURNAL entries, you'll definitely notice the trend of me not journaling every single day. I tend to go on spurts of journaling regularly, then fall between journaling the weekly highlights or even just focusing on only one day. And I'm good with that, it works for me.

I don't let that bother me or stop me from using my journal. I don't mind the time period gaps at all, at least not any more. I used to. My light bulb moment came when I was flipping through some of my older journals and the feeling of utter joy I had when I reread what I had journaled. So many little moments that I had forgotten and that would have been lost forever had I not written them down in my Gratitude Journal.

See more of my October Gratitude Journal pages in this blog post.

This week, I used the original Gratitude Journal style. But, there's also a larger, lined bound journal, a notebook style journal and also Travelers Notebook inserts in 5 sizes to choose from.

Here's a larger sized lined journal if you're really into writing and capturing all the details.

#gratitude #gratitude journal #journaling #Today I Am Grateful For #thankful #thankfulness #I Am Thankful For

But, there so many other choices - one that might suit your style of journaling better - in the I Love It All shop. You can even find the kraft bags I've been using.

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