our great big ferris wheel adventure

This story didn't start out as our great big ferris wheel adventure, but that's how we'll remember it.

We went to meet up with a customer | friend of Gordon's in Pigeon Forge for dinner. While we were waiting for them to arrive, we sat underneath the biggest ferris wheel we had ever seen. Like ever. For reals. Come to find out it was 200 feet tall, 60 meters to be exact, and was quite the ride! 

This ride was like the Mercedes of ferris wheels, nothing like the last one we rode at Dollywood on our Fall Break adventure with a friend of ours. It was enclosed and had heat and air, I suppose, but it was a nice Spring evening, so I don't know that their was heat or air on inside. Six adults would fit, but we just had the 4 of us.

Isabella is not a fan of ferris wheels, but wanted so much to ride this one. It was a bit pricey, but after pulling the "we're locals, do you give discounts?" card, we scored reduced prices and went for it.

She overcame her fear of ferris wheels and now wants to ride every time we go to Pigeon Forge. I call that a big win.

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