easy embroidery projects in a hoop

Each year leading up to summer, I search for projects that the girls can create and keep them busy for a while while I'm designing goodies for the shop. I've been on the lookout for easy embroidery projects and pinned a few to my Craftmania Pinterest board, take a peek.

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The first hoops I drew for them were easy, just a simple tulip and a house...Victoria has already finished hers and is ready to move on to the chain stitch. It's good to begin slow and easy and give a sense of accomplishment, at least I think so. My goal is to have them each embroider a few squares over the summer break so that we can join them together and make patchwork pillows for each of their beds.

I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby: speckled muslin, hoops, needles and water soluble marking pen. From my 30+ year old stash I used the tons of DMC floss from my cross stitching days. Did you cross stitch, too?

Next up is this one, which I'm going to freehand so that we can make it bigger. I may even join in because it's just so adorable!

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  1. I loved cross stitching when I was younger. I tried to take it up again as an adult, but have gotten so distracted with real life that I haven't been able to finish a project yet.

    1. I often get distracted too, Jamie, that's why my Pinterest boards are full of great ideas that I haven't yet tried out! Here's to us both making time.

  2. Fun projects! The book is adorable!

    1. The girls are having fun with the stitching, but we haven't yet tried the book. Maybe next week when Basketball Camp is over!


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