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My one little word.

Since even before the end of 2014, I had been working to find ways to simplify my processes.
Simplify my daily life.
Simplify the way I go about taking care of tasks for my business.
And mostly, just simplify and rid myself of things I've been holding on to because I thought that I needed to.

I'm not a hoarder on any level, but I look at those things and feel clutter. And it's taking up space in my head where new ideas and good memories need to be, not the knowledge that there's clutter all around.

In all honesty, our home is not cluttered. We are neat. Yes, I could be better at cleaning the bathrooms, but we are a tidy family with plenty of room to move around and live. But, just the idea that I have things that need to be weeded out and organized is taking up space, physical space and mental space, and I mean to change that.

I usually create one piece of art each year to keep in my Studio, after all I'm there most of the day, to celebrate my word of the year. A few times, I've even bought charms to go on a necklace to wear. I noticed that I did not have one for every year I've chosen a word. Which made a lightbulb go off in my head!


I remember ordering a necklace for my BFF from high school, but I mistakenly ordered two charms with the same name. So I kept it {part of the clutter I was talking about earlier}. I found it and drug out the metal stamping kits Papa let me use years ago, but I never did {also part of the clutter} and practiced on a piece of cardboard to see if I could actually do it. It worked!

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My first attempt at stamping is not perfect as you might have seen on Instagram. I share a lot of in progress projects there, if you ever have the time to browse. Nor was my second attempt perfect, but I did it anyway. After all it's just for me, not a gift, and I kind of love that it's imperfect...allowing me to strive for perfection, or not, my choice.


If you're interested, I have a few sources for you:

BE - from an group deal site, but I've seen tons of Etsy shops that do the same. It was just supposed to be the first initial, but the shop owner kindly agreed to have it say BE, instead of just B
DREAM - from a lovely Etsy shop owner, too! I received the small locket, the vintage key, and the pearl charms as a complete design from KraftyKash.
JOY - this is actually the charm that started it all, and it was a gift from a crafty, charming, lovely blog reader, and blogger, Vicki. And she's a super, duper Mom, too!
SIMPLIFY - I did it! I actually followed through on my plan and did not let the supplies gather dust as I waited for the moment I had time to do it. I just did it! Now that I look at it again, I like that it's kind of rounded and wonky, it adds some charm and life, don't you think?
EMBRACE - I did that one, too! It's my second attempt at metal stamping and for this charm I used a smaller set Papa had given me to add the word to the lower part of the key, to the left of the heart. On both charms I made, I used a Sharpie marker to fill in the word to make it stand out and be noticed.

WORDS OF THE YEAR at a glance

Read more about my move to simplify and clear my mind.
First five commenters will receive their own "key" charm {no word stamped on it though} as a special little gift from me!

Why not create a piece of art documenting your One Little Word? Need help with creating yours? Visit with me in my shop at where I create custom art, journals and graphic typography prints.


  1. "I love it all!" as your shop names says! I have a stamp set that's tucked away too--and for now, packed up. I am inspired anyway. I have lots of projects to do or get rid of if I am not going to do them. Making free space is very freeing--I did it once. ;) I need to do it again. Thanks for the inspiration and I love your necklace!

  2. Love the idea of a OLW necklace and adding a charm each year (or a charm bracelet). And I think the simplify charm is wonderful. Like you, I love that it isn't "perfect" because it is handmade!

  3. enjoyed this post very much!
    my mantra is 'just be' I can hear it in my head when I need to slow down, breathe & enjoy the moment!!

  4. Love this post and my one word for the year is Embrace!

  5. Simplify was my word a couple of years ago and was one of my most successful years. I still hear that word when I look around our home. Great post the other day about stepping up your business. So excited for this, I will spread the word. Stepping out of our usual comfort zone is tough, oh but what an awesome example for your girls. Way to Go!

  6. Simplify is a lovely word for the year! That's one thing I'm working on in my own home - simplifying as much as possible, to hopefully get it up to a decent shape, ha!
    All of your charms are so cute! I love how the simplify one isn't perfect, though - it goes along with the word as it's done and not fussy over whether it's 100% as you pictured it or not, and yet it still serves its purpose just as well :)

  7. You'll want to read this book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. has it in HB and Kindle. This book has gone viral and the author with translator is appearing on talk shows nation-wide.

  8. Hi Monika, I am doing OLW for the first time this year and I love the idea of the charm necklace! I joined Ali Edwards OLW workshop which I think will be really helpful in staying true to my word and exploring it this year. Simplify is a great one and you did a great job with your charm! Mine is Grow : ) - Marta.


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