calendar cuties | august 2014

I don't have any idea where our Summer has gone!

We start back to school in less than three weeks and have most of our school supplies purchased and new clothes washed, ironed and ready to make their debuts. 

Our plan is to make a quick trip to visit Zach, dip our toes in the ocean and head back home in time to celebrate Isabella's 11th birthday and the first day of school two days after that.

On the home front, we're getting sooooo very close to being finished with our garage renovation and that just makes me smile!

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  1. Not sure if its just a problem on my end, but when I try to download this it tells me that the file has been deleted or is unavailable to me...? I've never had a problem in the past though!

    1. Try it again and see if it will work now:

    2. I just finally got around to trying this again, and it worked perfectly! Thank you!


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