month-in-review | february 2014

Oh, wow. A busy month with lots of basketball games and a Science Fair project.

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I'm so proud of my children, as most parents are. And we had a life lesson learned the hard way this month. Isabella's Parks + Rec basketball team was undefeated going into the Semi Final game and won it. They lost the Final game of the season, it being the only game they lost, which proved that undefeated does not mean you are always the winner. 

While Isabella was researching her Science Fair project topic, Victoria decided she would do some research of her own, writing her own project on Magnets, complete with hand drawn illustrations. She quite liked using the internet to gather information and when ger teacher asked her to present it to the class, she was very happy.

Yes, you read that right, Gordon bought yet another Scout {this time a TravelAll} and a new BMW. Total opposites of the car buying spectrum as one was not running at all when he purchased it and the other goes from 0 to 60mph in 5 seconds. This we know for a fact. It is fast and furious.

Feel free to design your own cover, or download the cover I'm using. I included 2013 for you as well.


  1. you have good reason to be so proud of your girls...they are awesome!!

  2. No download here either? My little printablaholic heart breaks.


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