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Sunday Photos generally has just a photo and occasionally I'll add a quote to the photo.

This week, I shared the above photo on Instagram and felt pretty proud that the side of the garage was in shadows and didn't show that Gordon had already pulled the siding off in preparation of our building a new garage. The freshly fallen snow also happened to hide, at least to my eye, the lack of landscaping as we wait for Spring {and more money} to finish up the mud porch project we began last Spring. 

Without me knowing, Gordon reposted this photo from our Photo Stream to his own Instagram account, which I didn't realize until I was scrolling down and happened up on it. This is what he wrote and I cracked up laughing, almost cackling, as I read it and he had to shhhh me because the girls were already in bed.

Our IG comment feed:

wrightmail2  |  This is supposed to be a bed with landscaping. I call it Scoutscaping.
monikawright_iloveitall  |  You crack me up!
wirghtmail2  |  It is green you know.

My life gets better and better every day I spend with him.
He keeps it exciting around here.

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  1. Hi Monika
    I started my project 5onthe5th, some photos from my iPhone !!!!
    Happy New Year !!!


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