afternoon art project | crayola air-dry clay

A lazy afternoon and some art materials makes for good memories!

Crayola Air-Dry Clay Projects |

We used some of the Craylola air-dry clay that was left over from another project and just started creating. Being who I am, though, I did suggest an idea or two to the girls, but they were having none of that. Isabella began with her kitty cat project, so little sister followed along with a kitty cat project as well. Victoria does adore her sister and often makes similar projects causing much disdain in older, bigger, bossy big sis.

Crayola Air-Dry Clay Projects |

I had a goal in mind when I began my project and I came pretty close to achieving what I pictured. As an added touch, I squished some October Afternoon buttons I purchased from one of the deal sites down into the clay and they have stayed nice and secure for a few weeks now.

Crayola Air-Dry Clay Projects |

It's really not about doing anything fancy or elaborate or difficult, when it comes to art projects with my girls, what it's all about is time together just doing something.


  1. that stuff is so fun. we got some to try when we went to the crayola factory. my little girls loved it. i remember there where some kitty cats made too.

    1. Oh, yeah...lots of fun and giggles and competing for the button colors!

  2. How adorable!!
    Love your little creations you Guys ;)


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